Upcoming Presentation to the Triangle SharePoint User Group (TriSPUG)

Thursday I will be presenting to the Triangle SPUG on the new SharePoint Framework (SPFx). I am very excited but nervous as it has been a few years since I have done a presentation like this; not since the 2012 Atlanta SharePoint Saturday event. That did not go well.. First off my slides were a little chaotic, and the preparation was not what I would have hoped. This time I have spent the time to put as little into the slides as will make the point, and little or no more. (It’s like Mark Twain’s comment to an interlocutor apologizing for so long a letter, that he had not the time to write a shorter one. ;->) I am also rehearsing the talk itself, despite sounding like a crazy person talking to himself in Starbucks. I hope to have my slides posted here by Friday, and the code is in GitHub at https://github.com/SharePointGuy1/TriSPUGSPFx. Slides here

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